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We are Empirical Method

We create visual experiences that communicate the poetic qualities of architecture and space.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create provocative visual experiences that engage the imagination of the viewer.

What we Do

Empirical method is taking form! After working in the field of architectural visualization for several years, the Tekten team started to develop an R&D branch of the office focused on exploring new possibilities for architectural visualization. Side projects have included everything from testing materials and light, creating animations, 360 degree walk throughs to augmented reality, VR, and creating point cloud models from drone photography. After starting with basic AR models and flying our first drone 10 years ago, we have decided that we are at a point that we can offer new visualization experiences to our clients. Emprical Method is the name of this new venture. We build on our expertise in photorealism that we have developed as Tekten and will offer new experiences to our clients.


Artistic Image Production

Cinematic Expression of Space

Technical Proficiency

Advanced Computational Facility

Global Clientele

A complete solution

Emprical Method works with real estate developers, designers, interior designers, architects, and governmental agencies. We create digital contents that help our clients create visual narratives to express possible futures.

We are

We are a multidisciplinary team of architects, visual artists, and a business administrator.

We practice

We are creative designers who experiment and explore the limits of our media.

We deliver

We create visual pieces to communicate the potential of unbuilt futures.

We create and innovate

We are working with advanced computational tools to develop images, films, 360 degree scenes, point clouds, augmented, mixed, and virtual reality.

Our Work

We are experimenting with tools and exploring new possibilities to convey the essence of space.

Touching History and Making Context

We scan environments and create accurate models of exisiting the existing reality of buildings and streetscapes

Ambient Enviroments

We model interior spaces and layer atmospheric effects to depict the mood and feeling of a place.

Digital and Physical Models

We create Augmented, Mixed, & Virtual Reality.

Designing the Future

We are a team of designers and architects who have designed and built projects in the Americas.


Creation of Point Clouds and Meshes from Drone Footage.

Contact Us

Want to say hello? Want to know more about us? Give us a call or drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

EN +1(205)775-0113
ESP +57(318)386-5904

Headquarters - Bogota, Colombia
Satellite Office - Birmingham, Alabama, USA